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Implicit Allocations - Intraday - OC evolution

Offered Intraday Transfer Capacity Implicit [11.1]
  • Border - Control Area
  • Border - Bidding Zone
  • Border - Bidding Zone Aggregation
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Time Classification
Updates of offered capacity [MW]
The above data view indicates the offered capacities, however, in some operational situations a TSO might had to halt the allocation per direction on a border between bidding zones for specific market time units, which led to allocation of the offered capacities not being possible in the continuous market. The unavailability to allocate the offered capacity is not visible in this data view for delivery dates until 01/02/2022, but the exact location was published for these delivery dates at the following website . As of delivery date 01/02/2022 when a TSO halt the allocation zero offered capacity is presented in this view.