Central collection and publication of electricity generation, transportation and consumption data and information for the pan-European market.

Imbalance Netting

Imbalance Netting [186.2]
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Effective Date Publication Date LFC Areas File name Description
01.03.2020 - Infinity 29.11.2022 00:00 (UTC) CTA|SK CTA|HR CTA|CH CTA|DK CTA|DE(TenneT GER) CTA|HU CTA|DE(50Hertz) CTA|AT CTA|RO CTA|ES CTA|IT CTA|CZ CTA|GR CTA|DE(Amprion) CTA|BG CTA|PL CTA|FR CTA|LU CTA|BE CTA|PT CTA|RS CTA|SI CTA|NL CTA|DE(TransnetBW) Mind, some of these TSOs will join at a later date.