Central collection and publication of electricity generation, transportation and consumption data and information for the pan-European market.

Installed Capacity per Production Type

Installed Generation Capacity Aggregated [14.1.A]
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Production Type 2017
Fossil Peat 0
Nuclear 7572
Fossil Hard coal 9535
Wind Onshore 22813
Fossil Brown coal/Lignite 0
Geothermal 0
Hydro Run-of-river and poundage 1156
Hydro Water Reservoir 19113
Wind Offshore 0
Hydro Pumped Storage 5645
Other renewable 253
Solar 6720
Fossil Oil shale 0
Waste 536
Fossil Gas 30723
Fossil Coal-derived gas 0
Fossil Oil 715
Marine 0
Other 107
Biomass 541
Total Grand capacity 105429
Data from Spanish Peninsular System.

Solar installed capacity includes solar photo-voltaic and solar thermal.

Pumped Storage Consumption capacity is included in “Hydro Pumped Storage”.

Pumped Storage Generation capacity is included in “Hydro Water Reservoir”.