Central collection and publication of electricity generation, transportation and consumption data and information for the pan-European market.

New Users


1. What market data and information is available on the ENTSO-E Transparency Platform?


More than 60 different data items feeding into the six main categories, as displayed in the horizontal menu above, are available on the Platform. Please note, that during the early days of the platform, not all data is yet available for all categories, and in general, not all data items are applicable to all countries.


Latest version of MOP documentation can be downloaded from here


2. Which data display formats are available on the ENTSO-E Transparency Platform?


Depending on which data item you are looking at, there may be either/or a table, graph or map format to display the data. The available formats are indicated by small icons on the top of each data section.



3. How do I choose the countries and areas I want to see data for?

Go to the data item of your choice, choose from the control area, bidding zone or country and then choose a country in the hierarchical filter in the left-hand panel named "Area." If the Map view is available, you can select areas throughout Europe. Note that in many of the data views, it is possible to select several borders at once.


4. How do I change the data display dates?

Click on the small calendar icon inside the small window at the top right-hand side of the dashboard table to select the dates. It's also possible to use the Previous / Next arrows next to each window. Note that in some data views, time intervals can be also be selected using two calendars. 



5. How do I change the Time Zone to that of my own geographical region?


Wherever available, select the Time Zone in the drop down list at the top right-hand side of the data window. Supported Time Zones are WET/WEST, CET/CEST, EET/EEST. It is also possible to display data in UTC.



6. How can I download data reports?


If you would like to download data files, personalise your own dashboard or set up a feed, you need to be a Registered User. This is simple to do, by clicking on the Login button on the top right-hand corner of the homepage and then on the Register button. Registration to the platform is free and open to all.



7. Was there any data published before the launch of the ENTSO-E Transparency Platform in January 2015?


Some data was previously published on entsoe.net on a voluntary basis between 2011 and 5 January 2015. This data has been migrated and packaged for download in either XLXS or XML files. You can access this data by year at: https://transparency.entsoe.eu/content/static_content/Static%20content/legacy%20data/year%20selection.html.